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1. Jews from Arab Countries:The case for Rights and Redress [6/23/2003] #10114
There exists a moral imperative to ensure that justice for about 900,000 Jews from Arab countries assumes its rightful place on the international political and judicial agenda and that their rights be secured as a matter of law and equity.
David Matas, Stanley A. Urman Justice for Jews from Arab Countries
/cache/html/refugees-jewish/10114.htm (original)

2. UN Resolution 194 of December, 11 1948 [12/11/1948] #10064
Instructs the Conciliation Commission to take steps to assist the Governments and authorities concerned to achieve a final settlement of all questions outstanding between them.
United Nations
http://domino.un.org/UNISPAL.NSF/0/c758572b78d1cd0085256bcf0077e51a?Op enDocument (original)

3. PA daily: Arab leaders caused the refugee problem [12/17/2006] Ref #11905
PMW has documented yet another corroboration in the official Palestinian Authority (PA) paper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida that it was Arab leaders who were responsible for the flight of Arabs from the new State of Israel in 1948.
Palestinian Media Watch
http://www.pmw.org.il/Bulletins_Dec2006.htm#b171206 (original)

4. The Big Arab Lie [6/24/2006] Ref #11747
The Arab version of the tragic fate of Arab refugees who fled from British Mandatory Palestine before and during the 1948 war, and from Israel immediately after the war, has so thoroughly dominated the thinking of even well-educated historians, commentators, journalists and politicians, that it is almost a given that the creation of the State of Israel caused the flight of almost a million hapless, helpless and hopeless Arab refugees. Israel caused the problem and thus Israel must solve the problem.
http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=18072 (original)

5. The Rejection [6/24/2006] Ref #11749
What are the Palestinians after? There are two basic interpretations of their actions in the past three years, which began with their rejection of the Barak-Clinton compromise proposals and the launching of the ongoing terroristic and guerrilla assault on Israel known as the Aqsa Intifada.
Benny Morris AIJAC
http://www.aijac.org.au/review/2003/286/books286.html (original)

6. US State Department profile of Lebanon [8/31/2005] Ref #11218
US State Department profile of Lebanon
U.S. Department of State
http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/35833.htm (original)

7. Time Magazine's 100: Ben Gurion and the Suez Campaign [11/30/2004] Ref #11297
The question of whether Israel would withdraw from the Gaza Strip.
http://www.time.com/time/time100/leaders/profile/bengurion_related5.ht ml (original)

8. From Mandate to Partition, Lessons Learned or Mistakes Repeated – The United Nations and Palestine [11/22/2004] Ref #11286
In this critique, the magazine justifies rejection of the Partition Plan in 1947, then blames the UN for not stepping in to enforce it in 1948 when Palestinians began to lose the war, charging that the refugee problem was “the consequences of inaction by the UN.”
http://www.badil.org (original)

9. Wars and civil conflicts are taking a massive toll on children [11/9/2004] Ref #11246
In recent decades, the proportion of civilian casualties in armed conflicts has increased dramatically and is now estimated at more than 90 per cent. About half of the victims are children.
United Nations
http://www.unicef.org/children-in-war/ (original)

10. Arab World Competitiveness Report 2002-03 [10/6/2004] Ref #11059
The Report 2002-2003 contains an assessment of the conditions, structures and policies that are integral to the region's competitiveness in the global economy.
http://www.weforum.org/site/homepublic.nsf/Content/Global+Competitiven ess+Programme%5CArab+World+Competitiveness+Report (original)

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