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1. Europe and Israel: Image and Reality [8/18/2004] Ref #10819
It is thus important for Jews and other friends of Israel to realize: that "Europe" is not reality when it comes to the foreign policy of its sovereign nations: that the "strong" vs. "weak", "colonialist " vs. "victim" imagery remains the determining background against which important media on both sides of the Atlantic view and report on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; that some European governments, with France in the lead, reflect this attitude in their policies, but that others, with Germany the largest and most important, do much to understand and sustain Israel .
http://www.adl.org/international/lfe/lfe_7_01.asp (original)

2. Israel: Relations with Western Europe [8/18/2004] Ref #10825
Israel's relations with Western Europe on trade, diplomatic and political levels.
http://www.1upinfo.com/country-guide-study/israel/israel134.html (original)

3. The New Antisemitism in Europe [8/18/2004] Ref #10831
While anti-Semitism never fully disappeared from Europe's social and political scene after the Holocaust, the current upsurge stands out as exceptional in the number of incidents recorded and the insecurity experienced by the one million Jews who live in Western Europe. The new trend is characterized not only by an increase in anti-Jewish violence-arson against Jewish institutions, swastikas on synagogues, attacks on Jews in the street-but by what Rabbi Michael Melchior, Israel's deputy foreign minister, has characterized as "ideological terrorism."
Murray Gordon American Jewish Committee
http://www.ajc.org/InTheMedia/PublicationsPrint.asp?did=618 (original)

4. An Open and Secular Europe [8/18/2004] Ref #10832
To be tolerant, open, democratic, and hence viable, Europe has to be secular. To use Valery Giscard d'Estaing's formula, the introduction of any kind of religious reference in the European constitution, be it Christian, Jewish or Islamic, would mean the "end of Europe."
Carmille Ammoun Bologna Center Journal of International Affairs
http://www.jhubc.it/bcjournal/opinions/20021212ammoun.cfm/ (original)

5. EU's Solana at center of the storm [8/6/2004] Ref #11099
In a frustrating coincidence - the UN vote on the security fence took place and EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana became the lightning rod of Israel's reaction.
/cache/html/eu/11099.htm (original)

6. Israel’s New UN Role [4/4/2004] Ref #11121
The decision last week to include Israel in the UN's West European and Others Group (WEOG) is cause for cautious celebration. For while Israel is finally on its way to fully joining the family of nations, this is still something of a foster family, whose embrace will take time to warm.
Christian action for Israel
http://www.cdn-friends-icej.ca/un/newrole.html (original)

7. EU Joins U.S. in Denouncing Hamas as Terrorist Group [9/6/2003] Ref #10282
European Union foreign ministers denounced the political wing of Hamas as a terrorist organization on Saturday following the group's claim of responsibility for a truce-shattering bomb attack in Jerusalem.
http://fim.ondragonswing.com/archives/003909.html (original)

8. Consequences of Mass Arab Immigration to Europe [7/24/2003] Ref #10833
Two recently released official reports (European and Arab), which evaluated current demographic characteristics and future trends suggest that Europe faces a potential Arab immigrant onslaught, perhaps as great as America endured during the European immigration of the 19th and early 20th centuries. An American report projects future stagnation of Middle Eastern economies, all factors causing Arab restlessness.
Kenneth W. Stein www.emory.edu
/cache/html/eu/10833.htm (original)

9. Islam and Muslims in Europe [3/1/2003] Ref #10830
Islamic cleric offers background on Islam, historic presence of Muslims in Europe and the new Muslim presence.
Imam Dr. Abduljalil Sajid Initiatives for Change
http://www.initiativesofchange.nl/readersajid.pdf (original)

10. European Pol Wants Oversight of PA funding [2/28/2003] Ref #10873
French socialist pursues investigation of EU funding of Palestinian Authority.
Marc Perelman forward.com
http://www.forward.com/issues/2003/03.02.28/news9.html (original)

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