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31. Overview of absorption woes among Oriental Jews [9/22/2004] Ref #10992
Sephardic (Oriental) Jews and their immigration and integration into Israel.
http://www.1upinfo.com/country-guide-study/israel/israel55.html (original)

32. Absorption of Soviet Jewish and Ethiopian Immigrants [9/22/2004] Ref #10993
Different policies used by the Israeli government and the Jewish Agency to absorb Jewish immigrants from the Soviet Union and Ethiopia resulted in divergent experiences in integration.
Fred Lazin 
http://www.displacement.net/Professional_profiles/Lazin/8 mar draft.do (original)

33. Photo of tents erected to house new immigrants in 1949 [9/22/2004] Ref #10994
1949 photo showing tents erected to house new immigrants.
http://www.multied.com/Israel/1949Maabarot.html (original)

34. Absorbing the Exiles [9/22/2004] Ref #10995
In their treatment of the new immigrants, Israeli authorities reflected a genuine though often patronizing concern for the welfare of the newcomers and a desire to absorb them into Israeli society, together with a certain degree of prejudice and, in some cases, a desire to exploit the situation for political gain
Jonathan Kaplan jafi.org.il
/cache/html/refugees-jewish/10995.htm (original)

35. Refugee camp profiles [9/22/2004] Ref #10996
Table detailing UNRWA camp populations.
http://www.un.org/unrwa/refugees/camp-profiles.html (original)

36. A Population and Property Transfer: Forgotten Exodus of Jews from Arab Lands [9/22/2004] Ref #10997
It is time to remove the veil of silence that surrounds the story of the Jewish refugees. Especially as the Arabs are becoming more and more vocal about their true aims and the "right of return" of the Palestinian Arabs, it is important to remember that there were other victims of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
/cache/html/refugees-jewish/10997.htm (original)

37. Residency Status and Civil Rights of Palestinian Refugees in Arab Countries [9/22/2004] Ref #10999
Long years as a stateless people in a world of borders, passports, and parochial forms of nationalism have made Palestinian refugees more determined than ever to retain their national identity in a sovereign state of their own.
/cache/html/refugees-arab/10999.htm (original)

38. Iraqis Reclaim Homes Given to Palestinians [9/22/2004] Ref #11000
Following the fall of Baghdad, Iraqis moved quickly to reclaim homes commandeered by Ba'ath Party and given to Palestinians.
Washington Post
http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A17785-2003May5?language=prin ter (original)

39. UNRWA: Caring for Refugees for Years and Still Counting [9/21/2004] Ref #10973
Although it provides important humanitarian aid to the Palestinians, UNRWA ultimately serves as a fig leaf for an Arab world that has deliberately ignored or exploited the plight of these refugees
Jerusalem post
http://info.jpost.com/C003/Supplements/Refugees/6-7.html (original)

40. UNRWA Demographic Data [9/21/2004] Ref #10974
Charts and tables of UNRWA's demographic data.
United Nations
http://www.un.org/unrwa/publications/pdf/figures.pdf. (original)

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