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21. From Mandate to Partition, Lessons Learned or Mistakes Repeated – The United Nations and Palestine [11/22/2004] Ref #11286
In this critique, the magazine justifies rejection of the Partition Plan in 1947, then blames the UN for not stepping in to enforce it in 1948 when Palestinians began to lose the war, charging that the refugee problem was “the consequences of inaction by the UN.”
http://www.badil.org (original)

22. Israelis killed in the Occupied Territories (including East Jerusalem) since the Beginning of the First Intifada until the end of Nov. 2002 [11/9/2004] Ref #11237
Table with figures, Israelis killed in the Occupied Territories (including East Jerusalem) since the Beginning of the First Intifada (9 December 1987) until the end of Nov. 2002
/cache/html/human-rights/11237.htm (original)

23. Human Rights and Legal Position of Palestinian “Collaborators [11/8/2004] Ref #11226
A look into the fate and legal position of suspected collaborators since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority
Palestine Human Rights Monitor
http://www.phrmg.org/monitor2001/jul2001.htm (original)

24. Case study: Honor Killings and Blood Feuds [11/1/2004] Ref #11208

http://www.gendercide.org/case_honour.html (original)

25. Like old times: U.N. Panel Hits ‘Racist’ Israel [10/19/2004] Ref #11123
In one of the harshest U.N.-sponsored attacks on Israel in years, a regional conference of the world body's human rights commission has adopted a resolution accusing Israel of "racist" laws, "genocidal" behavior and "crimes against humanity." The statement, adopted two weeks ago at a Tehran meeting of the U.N.'s Asian group, has raised fears among Israel's supporters that Arab members may be angling to restore the discredited "Zionism is racism" equation, a key symbol of Israel's longtime pariah status at the U.N.
Benny Avni forward.com
http://www.forward.com/issues/2001/01.03.09/news4.html (original)

26. Palestinian Right of Return [9/28/2004] Ref #11023
Israel should welcome the refugees: Ali Abunimah argues that the right of return of Palestinian exiles would signal an end to the conflict, not a threat.
Financial Times
http://www.abunimah.org/features/010110ftoped.html (original)

27. Residency Status and Civil Rights of Palestinian Refugees in Arab Countries [9/22/2004] Ref #10999
Long years as a stateless people in a world of borders, passports, and parochial forms of nationalism have made Palestinian refugees more determined than ever to retain their national identity in a sovereign state of their own.
/cache/html/refugees-arab/10999.htm (original)

28. Israeli Resettlement Schemes for Palestinian Refugees in the West Bank and Gaza Strip since 1967 [9/20/2004] Ref #10966
This study discusses the various official Israeli suggestions and proposals concerning resettlement of the Palestinian refugees since 1967.
http://www.shaml.org/publications/monos/mono4.htm - Introduction (original)

29. US Observer to UN Commission on Human Rights Speaks Out [8/25/2004] Ref #10875
The U.S. does not believe that the actions of this Commission, which cast all blame on Israel for the situation, are balanced, fair, or helpful to the cause of peace.
United Nations
http://www.us-mission.ch/press2002/0402MoleyHCR.htm (original)

30. Jewish Settlements in Territories Not the Problem [8/24/2004] Ref #10857
Official presentation of Israeli case by former Israeli UN Ambassador Chaim Herzog.
/cache/html/israel-security/10857.htm (original)

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