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11. The Arab Israel Conflict in Maps [8/17/2003] Ref #10194
With modern weapons, Israel is vulnerable to air attack as ever. Eilat could be reached from bases in Saudi Arabia in six minutes, Jerusalem in ten.
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12. Israel’s capital and its population centers vulnerable to surprise air attack from the east [8/17/2003] Ref #10195
Another significant point is that Judea and Samaria are mountainous. The costal plain is flat. Therefore, defending the main population of Israel is very difficult.
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In some circles it has been argued that traditional security measures such as territorial strategic depth, balance of power and buffer zones are unimportant, given the advent of modern ballistic missiles. This claim ignores both the track record of the Palestinians and geographic realities.
Shawn M. Pine freeman.org
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14. Seizing of the Palestinian weapons ship Karine A - Jan 4- 2002 [1/4/2002] Ref #10197
A ship carrying weapons intended for the Palestinian Authority was captured in the Red Sea by Israel's Navy and Air Force. The boat's cargo included 50 tons of advanced weaponry including Katyusha rockets, rifles, mortar shells, mines and a variety of anti-tank missiles. Senior figures in the Palestinian Authority were involved in the smuggling.
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15. Israeli Army intercepts West Bank transfer of Kassam-2 rockets [2/7/2002] Ref #10198
An IDF reserve unit seized eight Kassam-2 rockets, warheads, and launchers on a truck departing from the West Bank city of Nablus on Wednesday. The rockets were destined for Hamas activists in the Jenin refugee camp and were most likely going to be deployed against Afula and other Israeli communities
Israel Insider
/cache/html/israel-security/10198.htm (original)

16. The threat from portable missiles [8/17/2003] Ref #10199
The ‘Santorini’ intercepted by the Israel Navy in May 2001, included not only 50 Katyusha rockets, but also four SA-7 Strella infrared shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles with a 4-km. (2.5 mile) range.
BBC News
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17. Ahmed Jibril Vows Further Arms Shipments to Palestinians [5/10/2001] Ref #10200
Ahmed Jibril head of the radical pro-Syrian organization was quoted by the French Press Agency AFP as saying, "This cargo that we sent will not be the last," adding that the aim was "to create a sort of balance of terror between us and the enemy."
International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism
/cache/html/israel-security/10200.htm (original)

18. Huge hunt for missile smugglers [2/13/2003] Ref #10201
Heathrow security alert was sparked by high-quality intelligence that Islamist extremists with links to al-Qaida have smuggled portable Sam-7 anti-aircraft missiles into Britain from Europe.
/cache/html/israel-security/10201.htm (original)

19. The Santorini & Mortar Diplomacy [5/10/2001] Ref #10202
The interception of the Santorini and its payload of weaponry highlights what Israeli security sources say is a steady flow of arms into the Palestinian Autonomy.
Yael Shahar  International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism
/cache/html/israel-security/10202.htm (original)

20. Missile and Artillery Ranges [8/18/2003] Ref #10203
Maps illustrates Israel's vulnerability to attack from Judea and Samaria. The range of artillery covers all of Israel's main population centers.
/cache/html/israel-security/10203.htm (original)

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