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11. Israelis killed in the Occupied Territories (including East Jerusalem) since the Beginning of the First Intifada until the end of Nov. 2002 [11/9/2004] Ref #11237
Table with figures, Israelis killed in the Occupied Territories (including East Jerusalem) since the Beginning of the First Intifada (9 December 1987) until the end of Nov. 2002
/cache/html/human-rights/11237.htm (original)

12. Israel Seals Off West Bank, Gaza [11/9/2004] Ref #11242
Report of clsure of border to prevent possible terrorism.
http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/02/11/world/main540203.shtml (original)

13. on how Jews are targeted and how Arabs avoided being taken for Jews during the first intifada [11/9/2004] Ref #11256
The Six-Day War toppled the walls between East and West Jerusalem. Yet the city is more divided today than at any time since then
Yossi Klein Halevi Jerusalem Report
http://www.jrep.com/Info/10thAnniversary/1993/Article-7.html (original)

14. Christians in the Land Called Holy [10/27/2004] Ref #11161
Record of Arab states' failure to foster tolerance or protect religious freedom.
Habib C. Malik First Things
http://www.firstthings.com/ftissues/ft9901/opinion/malik.html (original)

15. Christians in the Middle East [10/27/2004] Ref #11163
A catalogue of persecutions and human rights abuses against Christian communities in the Middle East.
The Peace Encyclopedia
/cache/html/religion/11163.htm (original)

16. Palestinian Denial of Jewish Holy Sites [10/27/2004] Ref #11170
Along side the Palestinian Authority's military and terrorist attacks against the Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli civilians, the PA has escalated its physical attacks against Christian and Jewish sites and its verbal onslaught against Judaism and the Jewish right to their holy sites
/cache/html/religion/11170.htm (original)

17. The United Nations and Israel [10/19/2004] Ref #11110
A 1991 statistical analysis of U.N. voting vis a vis Israel shows a clear pattern of voting against the Jewish State.
http://christianactionforisrael.org/un/record.html (original)

18. Like old times: U.N. Panel Hits ‘Racist’ Israel [10/19/2004] Ref #11123
In one of the harshest U.N.-sponsored attacks on Israel in years, a regional conference of the world body's human rights commission has adopted a resolution accusing Israel of "racist" laws, "genocidal" behavior and "crimes against humanity." The statement, adopted two weeks ago at a Tehran meeting of the U.N.'s Asian group, has raised fears among Israel's supporters that Arab members may be angling to restore the discredited "Zionism is racism" equation, a key symbol of Israel's longtime pariah status at the U.N.
Benny Avni forward.com
http://www.forward.com/issues/2001/01.03.09/news4.html (original)

19. Jordan won't accept new refugees [10/6/2004] Ref #11063
Jordan will not accept new waves of refugees and its Premier stresses Jordan's position on refugees' right of return, compensation
Jordan Times
http://www.jordanembassyus.org/01112001001.htm (original)

20. The Refugee Price Tag [10/4/2004] Ref #11037
Various notions of compensation for Palestinian refugees are discussed by author.
Jerusalem Report
/cache/html/refugees-arab/11037.htm (original)

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