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1. Suicide bombers follow Quran [9/27/2006] Ref #11811
Suicide bombers follow Quran, concludes Pentagon briefing, Tasked with pinpointing motivation, analysts find terrorists 'rational actors' following 'holy book'
http://worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=52184 (original)

2. Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow [4/22/2006] Ref #11625
Incitement under the PA
/cache/html/incitement/11625.htm (original)

3. Incitement in the PA [4/22/2006] Ref #11626
The Palestinian Authority incites the Palestinian people without any inhibitions, beginning in kinder-gardens, through schools, mosques, on official radio and television stations, thus the PA cannot evade direct responsibility for the brutal and murderous violence and terror against the State of Israel and its armed forces.
/cache/html/incitement/11626.htm (original)

4. The Real Roots of Arab Anti-Americanism [4/22/2006] Ref #11632
Summary: Despite what many argue, Arab and Muslim rage at the United States has had very little to do with actual U.S. policies--policies that have been remarkably pro-Arab over the past 50 years.
Barry Rubin Foreign Affairs
/cache/html/incitement/11632.htm (original)

5. Unwinnable war of words [4/22/2006] Ref #11639
Being a democracy battling a dictatorship earns you little or no special credit, and can be an outright disadvantage. The assumption of the dominant sector in the intellectual class which runs much of academia, the media, and all verbal, opinion-forming sectors of society is that democracies lie about as much as dictatorships, especially if the dictatorship claims "progressive" credentials.
Barry Rubin Israel 21C
/cache/html/incitement/11639.htm (original)

6. Palestinian Media Watch, 2006; hate and incitement. [4/22/2006] Ref #11643
Palestinian Media Watch, 2006; hate and incitement.
Palestinian Media Watch
/cache/html/incitement/11643.htm (original)

7. ARAB COUNTRIES - Antisemitism and Racism [12/31/2004] Ref #11618
Blaming the Jews – An Arab and Muslim perspective of events
Tel Aviv University
/cache/html/incitement/11618.htm (original)

8. The incitement yardstick [12/20/2004] Ref #11351
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon recently remarked that anti-Israel incitement in the Palestinian Authority media had indeed lessened. The incitement issue has generated significant interest and optimism worldwide. Unfortunately, both Sharon's satisfaction and the resulting optimism demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding about Palestinian society.
/cache/html/incitement/11351.htm (original)

9. Slideshow Illustrating Child Incitement [7/26/2004] Ref #10591
Operation S.I.C.K. -Stop Inciting Children to Kill - graphic slideshow of child Incitement
/cache/html/children-at-war/10591.htm (original)

10. Italian Journalist Critiques Colleagues on ME coverage [11/17/2003] Ref #11276
Italian Journalist Critiques Colleagues on Middle East coverage.
La Stampa
/cache/html/incitement/11276.htm (original)

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